Studying at the Department of Finnish Literature

The Department of Finnish Literature trains the students to become experts in Finnish literature and the institution of literature in general.

Literature is an essential part of the Finnish culture. Consequently, studying literature leads the students to a crossroads where language, cultural understanding, and history meet. In order to cope in the world that has become more and more complex, we need the kind of cultural knowledge that studying literature provides. The Department of Finnish Literature introduces the students to literary criticism that looks for new and critical perspectives on the world.

In the Department of Finnish Literature, we teach and study both the history of Finnish literature and the current literature and literary life.

The Department is located in the cosy Sirkkala campus area. We have lecture halls and seminar rooms with modern teaching technology. We apply multiple methods of studying:  writing essays, studying in small groups, and taking exams that are mostly carried out as digital written exams. Most of the courses also make use of the digital Moodle learning management system.

Each student of Finnish Literature is a member of the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies which contains Comparative Literature, Art History, Musicology, Media Studies, Gender Studies, and Creative Writing. Students can choose their branch of studies also over these department and school borders. We encourage our students to study abroad as exchange students and do practical training abroad.

After completing a Master’s Degree, our students can work

  • as teachers of the Finnish language and literature
  • in the field of publishing
  • in the field of communication, advertising, and marketing
  • in various fields of cultural life
  • as researchers of Finnish Literature