The Language Specialist Degree Programme

The Language Specialist Degree Programme KIAS is one of the three MA degree programmes in the School of Languages and Translation Studies at Turku. KIAS offers a broad and flexible programme that can be adapted to suit each individual student’s career plans.

In KIAS, students specialise in one of the many languages available at the School – English, Finnish, Finno-Ugric languages, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish (Scandinavian languages), Latin or Classical Greek – or in Digital Language Studies. In addition to these subjects, they can also include Estonian, Hungarian or Russian in their degrees.

The degree programme is structured around one field of specialisation, complemented by one or more programme-specific modules focusing on different topics, and by other studies, such as minor subjects. These will:

  • Further the students’ expertise in the structure and use of one or more of the languages available.
  • Enhance their communicative and interactional skills and prepare them for careers in today’s multilingual society.
  • Equip the students with skills and resources required in various careers, as the multidisciplinary University of Turku offers many combinations of minor subjects for KIAS students to choose.

The graduates of the Language Specialist Degree Programme will be able to work in a variety of planning, research and management positions that require expertise in languages, cultures and communication. They have an expert understanding of the roles that languages play in societies and can therefore both analyse and participate in linguistic interaction in different contexts. Such language specialists are needed in companies, organisations and the public sector in Finland and abroad.