Research and doctoral studies in the Multilingual Translation Studies Degree Programme

Translation Studies research at the University of Turku is interdisciplinary and aims at a deeper understanding of the needs of a multicultural and multilingual society. This we approach from two points of view: a historical perspective, and an interest in today's workplace, its needs and challenges.

The study of the history of translation focuses on literary translation and issues such as retranslating, indirect translating and the position and role of translators in history. Translations and the workplace is another important area of study, including topics such as translating as a profession, machine translation and post-editing, and acquisition of translation competence. We participate in the Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences and in the organization of annual national seminars on translation and interpreting. 

Doctoral Studies 

Doctoral training in Turku promotes networking and internationality. Doctoral research is organized on the local level (Utuling doctoral programme at the School of Languages and Translation Studies), on the national level (the national graduate school Langnet), and on the international level (ID-TS Translation Studies Network). Admission to Doctoral studies is through Utuling. You will find information about the application periods and requirements at the Utuling home page .

University of Turku is co-organizer of the DOTTSS International Translation Studies Doctoral and Teacher Training Summer School since 2012. 


Recent research projects

Prof. Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov was member of the project Voices in Translation, led by Prof. Cecilia Alvstad from the University of Oslo, 2012–2017.

Past research projects

TIME: Translation Research Training. An Integrated and Intersectoral Model for Europe (2011–2014), coordinated by the KU Leuven. 

Subtitles and Language Learning (2009–2012), coordinated by the University of Turku (Prof. Yves Gambier).

OPTIMALE: Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe (2011–2013), an Erasmus academic network of 62 EU partners and 8 “Third country” partners.



Recent publications of the School of Languages and Translation Studies