Minor subject of Romanian Language and Culture

Romanian Language and Culture can be studied as a minor subject.

At the University of Turku, students wishing to study Romanian language and culture as their Minor Subject can take a Basic Studies module in the subject. The language competence needed to complete Basic Studies in Romanian can be obtained by attending the Romanian Beginners' Course.

Beginners' Course

All degree and exchange students of the University of Turku have the right to take the beginners' course.

Degree students from other Finnish universities or universities of applied sciences may apply for the right to take the Beginners' Course (5 ECTS credits) through the so called JOO-study program. To know more about JOO-studies, please contact your home university or visit www.joopas.fi.

Objectives of studies​

The general objectives of the Basic Studies (25 ECTS credits) are to equip students with

  • a fair knowledge of the Romanian language
  • a knowledge of the structure of the Romanian language and its linguistic development in different periods
  • an insight into the main features of Romanian culture.

Courses are offered in Romanian (please note that for some of these the knowledge of English or French is necessary). The teacher of all the courses is Paul Nanu.

All basic courses are compulsory for every student.


Research and Publications

Besides its teaching activity (providing courses as part of the Romanian Minor), the department is also conducting research.

For projects regarding publications in cooperation with other universities check the page of the Finnish Centre for Romanian Studies.

> Finnish Journal for Romanian Studies

> COLUMNA. Finnish & Romanian Culture, cultural publication


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