Changing Economic Regulation

Changing Economic Regulation is one of the four focal areas of research at the Faculty of Law.

The economic activity has become ever more Europeanized and globalized, sparking further research interest in the interactions and relationships between different stakeholders and right holders operating within the European and the global economic regulatory frameworks.

The focal area Changing Economic Regulation reviews the multifaceted economic interactions between organizations, states, corporations, and individuals as well as the various modes of regulating these actions, including private ordering. In addition, the tension between the European and the global economic activity and their regulation, and the stubbornly national notions of sovereignty and democracy are examined.

Within the context of Changing Economic Regulation, the following subthemes are amongst the emerging core areas of interest:

  • monetary regulation
  • banking rules
  • corporate governance
  • private ordering
  • arbitration
  • trade
  • intellectual and other property rights
  • competition law
  • relational contracting.

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