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Development Projects and Societal Impact

One of the objectives of the Nutrition and Food Research Center is to enable food industry innovations. We combine our expertise, for example, of individual nutrition and multi-sensory perception with our wide national and international network.

Our goal is to utilize our multidisciplinary research knowledge to advance business development both in national and international research and development projects. As a result, we

  • advance collaboration between food chain companies and researchers
  • support the creation and testing of new business ideas
  • advance the sustainable development and profiling of the regional innovative food chain.

We are a wanted and experienced research and innovation partner both at national and international level.

Get to know our research and development projects

National and international networks

We are part of many national and international networks:

  • Group for intelligent specialization in Southwest Finland (Food Developer Forum)
  • RDI Forum in Southwest Finland
  • Network for Ecosystem Agreement project partners
  • Health Campus Turku
  • Regional Food Development: PRIFOOD (Sweden, Germany)
  • Empowered Creation of Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals (Germany)
  • Nordic networks: Karolinska Institutet, RISE, company collaboration at Nordic level

Examples of our development & societal impact activities

Flavoria Innovation Festival

Flavoria Innovation Festival is a week-long innovation event where students tackle real-life company challenges in multidisciplinary teams. In 2023-2025, the event is organized as part of the "WiseFood - resource wise food chains" project, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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International Innovation Camps

Multi-disciplinary and multi-industry tool for co-development. Brings together research, industry, businesses and students and researchers from different faculties.

Example projects:

  • FINMEX (Finland, Mexico)
  • Dining Flow
  • Me, My Health & My Food
Scientific-Gastronomic Food Club (TG Club)

A community engagement project for food and sensory research. A collaborative, open event by the University of Turku, the Hotel and Restaurant Museum, and the South Ostrobothnia Summer University, meeting eight times a year. The group examines food, cooking, and the enjoyment of food from scientific, cultural-historical, and gastronomic perspectives. The evenings are free and open to all interested parties.

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