Teaching and internships at Nutrition and Food Research Center

In the research groups of our center and together with our partner institutes, it is possible to pursue postgraduate studies or basic level studies and to do internships. Students from different fields of study can participate, for example, in on-going nutrition and food research projects.

Usually the internships last from one to six months and offer a good way to get to know the research groups. The students have the chance to familiarize themselves with many of our functions and to consider if the field of research or the research group in question would be suitable for postgraduate studies, all the way to doctoral thesis.

Nutrition and Food Research Center does not grant university degrees, so students have to enroll, for example, as a postgraduate student at Institute of Biomedicine. If you are interested in getting work experience in the field of functional foods, please contact the members of the research groups in question. For contact information, please visit this page.

Experiences of our students and trainees

Anastasia Mantziari, Ph.D. student

''Through Nutrition and Food Research Center, I had the opportunity to participate in various projects involving probiotic, human milk, and gut microbiota research. Moreover, I was able to develop new ideas, work independently and form international collaborations with pioneers of the field. With the guidance of professors Seppo Salminen and Samuli Rautava, I completed my master’s thesis project and started my Ph.D. journey. Functional Foods Forum is an excellent place for anyone who seeks hands-on experience in microbiological laboratory techniques and is fascinated by probiotic, microbiota, and fermented foods research.”