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Services of the Functional Foods Forum

Functional Foods Forum provides specialized services and implements development projects for food industry. The goal is to speed up the market access of innovations and contribute to the growth, competitiveness and internationalization of food sector in Finland.

University Takes Technology and AI Research to SHIFT Business Festival


The University of Turku participates in the SHIFT Business Festival on 29–30 August with two themes: using technology in the sustainable development of the maritime and food industries and the interaction between humans and machines. The theme of SHIFT 2019 is Shapeshifting intelligence, which looks beyond the hype for a more holistic view of intelligent business.

Research at the Functional Foods Forum

Functional Foods Forum combines leading-edge research expertise in natural, health and medical sciences with technological, legal and business know-how in order to develop and commercialise functional foods for human needs. 

Functional Foods Forum

Functional Foods Forum brings together the multidisciplinary expertise for the research and development of high-quality and healthy foods of the future.