Research Tracks at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine offers three research tracks for the medical students at the University of Turku: the Biomedical Research Track, the Clinical Research Track and the Nursing Science Research Track.

Choosing a research track, the students will grasp the basics of scientific research and have an opportunity to learn in practice during the so-called rotation period. A major part of the theoretical study module required as part of the doctoral training will be completed during a research track.

There are two research tracks in the medical field and one on nursing science.

The education in the research tracks is mainly given in Finnish language, as it is given for the degree of Licentiate in Medicine and Licentiate in Dentistry.

Biomedical Research Track

The Biomedical Research Track focuses on basic and applied medical sciences, including disciplines such as immunology, reproductive medicine, receptor biology and microbiology.

The aim of the Biomedical Research Track is to familiarize those students, who are interested in medical sciences, with basic and applied medical research, starting from their early curriculum in the faculty.

The track provides the required volume of credits for the doctoral degree (40 ECTS).

The objective is to give students high-quality methodological education and education in general issues relevant to the field of medical research. A further objective is to provide an opportunity to become acquainted with research projects by offering work as a scientist-student in a project over summer months (so-called rotation). With all this, the aim is to provide a good start to learning practical skills necessary for your work in research project(s).

  • The track provides high-quality methodological education and a suitable ground for growth when trying to adopt principles of scientific thinking and working practices
  • The track provides a gateway to attach to research groups in the medical faculty working in the field of immunology, receptor research, reproductive medicine, immunology, microbiology and else
  • In the track a student will learn skills and abilities which help to meet challenges and solve problems presented by future work as a medical doctor or odontologist
  • The track gives a showcase of the career stages of a medical scientist and examples on how  different aspects of career as a doctor and as a scientist could be combined
  • The track paves way to attach to the graduate schools for thesis studies
  • The track provides the required volume of theoretical studies for the doctoral degree
Clinical Research Track

“Clinical research is research conducted by medical doctors. Its aim is to improve the understanding of different medical conditions and to offer more and more upscale treatment.”

The clinical research track offers education in clinical methodology and essential research areas of clinical medicine. The clinical research track

  • provides basic scientific education and methodological training which both serve clinical medical research
  • familiarizes the students with research programmes and groups conducting clinical research in the Faculty
  • guides the research-oriented medical students into the field of clinical research as early as possible and aims to give them good general abilities to start doctoral level scientific research work in clinical research groups


The Researcher Path in Nursing Science

On the Researcher Path in Nursing Science, students will deepen their knowledge of essential scientific studies, research questions and methodology in the field of Nursing Science and gain skills to begin their doctoral thesis.

The objective of the Researcher Path in Nursing Science is to acquaint research-oriented students with basic and applied research in the field and to provide the students with sufficient abilities to begin their own scientific study.

The focus of the Researcher Path in Nursing Science lies within the strategic research areas defined by the department. Students on the researcher path will gain skills to begin doctoral level scientific research and become familiar with the research strategy as well as focus areas of research in the department.

The Researcher Path in Nursing Science produces a comprehension of the possibilities of research as an employer in the field of nursing science.

The aim of the Researcher Path in Nursing Science is to encourage students interested in research to apply for the field and to offer them a way to adhere to the research groups at the department.

The Department of Nursing Science at the University of Turku hosts both local as well as national doctoral programs.