Department of Biology

We explore life and biological evolution in a range of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The Department of Biology is one of the scientifically most productive units of the University and successfully educates experts at all degree levels.

We do internationally recognized research at all organization levels of life, from molecules to ecosystems. Our model organisms involve animals including human, plants, algae, fungi and microbes. Empirical experimentation in the field and laboratory is widely applied when digging into the structure and function of individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems.

Our teaching is based on scientific research and benefits from a range of learning approaches. Our students find employment in research- and expert-positions in fields such as environmental administration, natural resource management, bio-medical industries, non-governmental organizations and adult education. We educate comprehensive and high-school teachers with a broad expertize in biology.

The Department of Biology harbors the Center of Evolutionary Applications  that supports academic research and provides molecular genetic analyses for conservation needs outside the University.

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