Studying at the Department of Chemistry

The chemistry department teaches professionals of broad education in natural sciences for different posts in the industry, in societies and the community, as well as in the education. A student interested in research career may also continue to graduate studies either in Finland or abroad.

The studies at the bachelor level are fairly similar for all students. The first years’ lecture courses give you a solid background in different areas of chemistry, and safe laboratory procedures are taught in laboratory courses. Courses on other natural sciences complement your major studies. Both bachelor and master level studies include a course of scientific communication that give you an opportunity to practise written and oral presentations. The language of bachelor level studies is Finnish.

The third year of bachelor studies include a short research project and the bachelor’s thesis. At this stage you may start to orientate towards your major in master’s degree. There are three options, Materials Chemistry, Chemistry of Drug Development and Chemistry Teacher. The department is also involved in two international master’s programmes.

As a part of their studies, master students are involved in the research, and nearly half of the studies consists of laboratory work. The master’s thesis is based on the experimental work. The lecture courses will give a more profound understanding of your chosen expert field. The lectures in master’s level will be given in English.

Support and guidance with your studies are provided in different forms:

  • Tutoring by nominated teacher at both bachelor and master level
  • Orientating courses for first and second year students familiarize you with scientific community and chemists’ profession.
  • Courses on scientific communication provide support and advice with writing up from peers and teachers