Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry educates experts for many fields of industry, research and teaching. The research carried out at the department aims to provide solutions to numerous everyday challenges starting from medicinal molecules designed for people and animals via new intelligent materials all the way to slowing down the climate change using the defense compounds of plants.

The research at the Department of Chemistry involves drugs, natural compounds as well as other functional materials and molecules. The research is based on both characterization done using a wealth of different methods as well as mathematical modelling. The teaching given at the Department is based on these research directions and employs the broad spectrum of research methods as well. This gives the students graduating from our Department a solid background of knowledge for many fields of chemistry. The department also educates teachers of chemistry for primary and secondary school levels.

The Department hosts the OpiLUMA laboratory where primary and secondary school students can do research-based learning of natural sciences in a real laboratory environment. OpiLUMA offers also educational visits, updating training for teachers, science birthdays and other public events.

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