Department of Geography and Geology

The Department of Geography and Geology is an active and versatile unit which studies the Earth and its dynamic natural and anthropogenic phenomena. We conduct research on several continents and our international collaboration is diverse.

The Department has two mutually supportive fields of science and discipline. Geography offers many possibilities of specialization and studies are often enriched with minor subjects from other sciences. Geology has two fields of specialization and the teaching is carried out together with Åbo Akademi University.

We use modern research methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment both in the field and in the laboratory. We are actively developing digital geographical information technologies and infrastructure. We also employ our expertise in various projects and stakeholder co-operation which aim to apply research to societal needs.

During their studies our students are in close contact with academic research, our research teams and visiting international scientists, and they actively take part in student exchange in universities all over the world. In addition, our alumni tend to become well-employed.

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