Advisory Board of the Faculty of Social Sciences

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to act as a co-operative body of the faculty and its key stakeholders and to promote the education and social development of faculty research.


The members of the Advisory Board have been invited

  • Journalist Wali Hashi
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki Minna Huotilainen
  • Senior Specialist, Social Science Professionals Piritta Jokelainen
  • Member of Parliament Krista Kiuru
  • Head of Research, Finnish Centre for Pensions  Susan Kuivalainen
  • psychologist, Finnish Student Health Service Minna Martin
  • Resarch professor, National Institute for Health and Welfare Pasi Moisio
  • Editor in Chief, Turun Sanomat Riitta Monto
  • MEP  Ville Niinistö
  • Researcher, think tank E2 Ville Pitkänen

In addition the invited members the members of the Advisory Board are Dean Louis Clerc and Vice Deans Juha Räikkä, Riikka Korja and Mikko Niemelä. Representatives from the units of the Faculty also participate in the meetings. The secretary of the advisory board is Services Manager Minna Domander.

The term of office ends 31.12.2021.