The Minor in East Asian Studies (MEAS) programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the contemporary history and societies of East Asia by class and online lectures and selected readings on general issues of East Asia as well as particularities of the three major East Asian societies and states. In addition, the MEAS programme includes one course of language study of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

The MEAS programme also gives a good base to apply for example to the Master's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies (EAST) at the Centre for East Asian Studies.

About MEAS Programme

This minor programme addresses selected themes concerning the experience of particular nations and of East Asia as a whole in the contemporary period.

It explores on the one hand the turbulent process of integrating Asian nations and states into a global order and on the other discusses nationalism as a powerful motivating force in the modern development of these countries.

Thus, students should be prepared for (and excited about) investigations into and discussions about the manner in which contemporary history, social practice, political philosophy, political culture and even literature and cinema offer an alternate, but equally significant understanding of East Asian society and politics in the present. Participation in this class assumes a high level of preparedness and a willingness to participate actively.

Goals of MEAS Programme
  • introduce students to East Asian Studies
  • familiarize students with main long-term trends and structural developments in East Asia
  • present to students the main scholarly works of East Asian studies and the most useful sources of information on East Asia such as academic periodicals, databases and reference works. Both visual and written resources will be used as source materials.
Courses and registration

Course description are in the electronic Curriculum Peppi MEAS.

The language of instruction in all CEAS courses is English.

The teaching scedules are marked in the course description, and students should follow the schedule in Lukkarikone.

The registration for courses is done in Nettiopsu at the beginning of each semester. In case of extensive interest, students of Contemporary History are given priority and first-year students may be excluded.

Exchange students are also welcome to take MEAS courses.

The minimum total amount of ECTS credits is 25 for the complete Minor in East Asian Studies, including language studies.

Note: students need to register separately for the courses organised by the Centre for Languages and Communication:

When you have taken the required MEAS courses (min. 25 ECTS) and at least one East Asian language course, contact the Coordinator Tuula Karjalainen ( to get the programme registered as completed, so it can be included in your degree studies as a minor.

Students who complete both the MEAS Programme at CEAS and the Asian Programme provided by the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies can combine these into an Integrated Minor in Asian Studies (min. 50 cr).


Tuula Karjalainen
Education coordinator
tuusah (a)
Tel: +358 (0) 29 450 3117

Silja Keva
University Teacher, Academic Director of the Minor in East Asian Studies
sianle (a)
Tel. +358 (0) 29 450 3055