Studying at CEAS

CEAS offers multidisciplinary teaching on the East Asian region and contemporary societies in three different study programmes.

CEAS also provides Korean and Japanese language courses.

CEAS coordinates the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies (Asianet) that offers a number of online courses on Asia.

Student testimonials

“I have enjoyed my study experience in CEAS so much. The programme provides not only a variety of interesting courses but also different kinds of learning strategies such as classroom, lectures, videos and songs, discussions, debates, etc."


“What I like the most about the master’s programme is the great variety of interesting courses. Additionally, Turku is a beautiful and peaceful city which easily becomes a second home for the international students.”


“Studying at CEAS proved to be fun and enjoyable in a learning environment which is stress-free thanks to the teachers who motivate us and the friendly fellow students.”


“In the classroom every idea is thoroughly discussed and truly respected. I am especially impressed by and appreciate the freedom and autonomy given to students in arranging their study or choosing their interested research topics.”


CLAB video with Korean language teacher Taru Salminen

Sitaatti soc Paltemaa 3
Our Master's Degree programme in East Asian studies offers a unique possibility in the Finnish context and a rare possibility in European context to study contemporary East Asian societies.
Lauri Paltemaa, Centre for East Asian Studies