Student club Taotao

Taotao or the "panda club" is a student club for everyone studying at the CEAS and everyone otherwise interested in East Asia. Our goal is to get together like-minded people and organise events relating to East Asia. Taotao is a registered organisation that has a membership fee. However, paying the fee is not mandatory and everyone interested in Asia can participate in our events.

Taotao has a student representative in educational matters to help the students of the Centre. If you have problems with teaching at the Centre (delays in exam results, for example), you can contact him/her. He/she will pass on the message to the staff anonymously.

We are a "sister organisation" of P-klubi, an association for students studying Contemporary History and Political Science at the University of Turku. Their representative for educational matters is also our contact person in P-klubi.

If and when you want to join in:

  • Join the e-mail list: send an email to Taotao (tyy-taotao[a] and you will be added to the list
  • Facebook: follow the page Tao Tao - CEAS student club
  • Check the notice board for upcoming events. It is located at the Centre near the doors on the right hand side.
  • Come to the meetings: we meet regularly - join the mailing list and/or the Facebook group to stay up-to-date.

If you have any questions about Taotao or suggestions for future events, for example, please don't hesitate to ask us through our email (