Finnish and Nordic Society and Culture

Finnish and Nordic Society and Culture is a multidisciplinary non-degree programme that focuses on exploring the cultural, historical, political and social dimensions of Finnish and Nordic societies. It familiarizes students with contemporary history, political system, welfare state and social policy, and cultural practices and social institutions.

  • The programme covers an academic year (August 1 - July 31). Courses belonging to the programme are held between the beginning of September and the end of May.
  • This non-degree programme accepts both undergraduate and graduate students
  • The programme is available for all degree students and exchange students of the University of Turku
  • No registration to the programme is needed. Registration to the courses is on the first session, unless mentioned otherwise in the course description.
  • Students do not have to complete the basic module (25 ECTS); individual courses of the study programme can be studied freely.
  • The language of instruction and required reading material is English.
  • The Programme is co-ordinated by the Department of Social Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku.

Course information can be found from the study guide:


Information about applying for the status of an exchange student / visiting student
NB: Current degree or exchange students do not have to apply to the courses in advance. Registration to the courses is in the first session, if not mentioned otherwise. Please check the timetable on a regular basis for changes!

Information about applying / status of an exchange student

Application deadlines for autumn semester / academic year:

  • 15 April for non-EU partners ,Erasmus+/Turkey and Great Britain
  • 30 April for EU partners

for Spring semester:

  • 15 October for exchange students from outside of EU and EEA countries
  • 31 October for ERASMUS and other exchange students from EU and EEA countries

>> More information about applying as an exchange student 
There are no deadlines in applying for the status of a visiting student; applications can be submitted freely during the academic year.

Please note: The amount of accepted visiting students is very restricted

For further information about applying, please contact the International Office.