Quality Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The quality work of the Faculty is based on continuous evaluation and development of activities. Quality work is part of the normal development activities of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Our quality management is based on quality work at the University of Turku. The university’s quality management tool is the quality system described in the quality manual in the intranet.

At the heart of quality work is the expert, responsible and long-term activities of every member in the osuniversity.

In the Faculty, quality work is conducted by the Dean and in the departments by the Heads of departments. Quality management is supervised and developed by the Faculty's management group, which is chaired by the Dean.

Evaluations and auditions concerning our faculty are available on the university’s common quality pages.

From the point of view of our operations, the quality system is recorded on our intra-pages in the places where they best serve our quality work.

The contact person for quality matters at the Faculty of Social Sciences is the Head of Administration.