Sociology examines social inequalities and the visible change of communities and society. The topics of study and teaching of sociology in the University of Turku are in particular social classes, education and income differentials and their inheritance, population, families and immigration, marginalisation, housing, health, gender differences, power, political activity and social movements.

History of Sociology at the University of Turku

The chair of Sociology at the University of Turku is the oldest one in Finland. It has been established in 1926.


Uno Harva (1926–1949)
Esko Aaltonen (1951–1963)
Yrjö Littunen (1963–1964)
Antti Eskola (1965)
Erkki Asp (1968–1995)
Ari Haavio (1970–1995)
Seppo Pöntinen (1997–2010)
Harri Melin (2003–2008)
Hannu Ruonavaara (2010–)
Jani Erola (2012–)