Public Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Technology

The next Graduation Ceremony  is organized 12th November 2021 at University campus area at 2PM. Graduates are invited to attend at campus area.

All students who have graduated after the last Graduation Ceremony in December 2020 will be invited to attend. The invitation will be sent by email to the email address stated in the degree application form.

Students should submit their degree application to the Faculty by Wed 3rd November at the latest, if they wish to participate in the ceremony.

Please enrol by filling in the registration form latest Wed 3rd November. Others, excluding Graduates, may register for the remote ceremony by email

Instructions for the Ceremony

The dress code is dark suit. The 1-1,5 hour ceremony consists of speeches and music performances. The banqueting hall, remote link and the ceremony programme will be sent later by e-mail to all those enrolled.

For more information please contact: