Henkilö työskentelemässä laserhitsauslaitteen kanssa.

Studying at the Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology is one of the largest faculties of the University of Turku, with over 2000 students.

We offer eight degree programmes, six in technology (Automation Technology, Biomedical Engineering and Health Technology, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) and two in sciences (Biochemistry and Computer Science). In addition, we provide seven international Master's degree programmes.

Our programmes equip students with a solid theoretical knowledge of their field, tools to apply this knowledge in practice, and an understanding of the state-of-the-art in research.

Students have many options to shape their own education. Most of our degree programmes offer multiple specialisations. They all allow for one or more minor subjects and the eight faculties of the university offer a wide selection of subjects to choose from. All of the degree programmes include a module on business studies and emphasize entrepreneurial skills.