Doctoral Training at the Faculty of Technology

The Faculty of Technology offers postgraduate degrees in technology and natural sciences. Moreover, it is possible to complete a postgraduate degree in humanities in the field of Phonetics. 

Decision timetable

Vice Dean's decisions

The most matters concerning doctoral education are decided by the Vice Dean. Such matters include:

  • appointing pre-examiners, Opponent and Custos;
  • the permission to send a thesis manuscript to pre-examination;
  • the permission for the defence of dissertation (the faculty council has delegated this to Dean);
  • postgraduate degree study rights;
  • updates to supervision plans;
  • other postgraduate matters

The Vice Dean makes decisions flexibly as needed. The chief academic officer prepares decisions for the vice dean. Please note that it will take a couple of days to prepare your decision.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council makes decides on accepting doctoral dissertations.

Meeting timetable:

  • 25.1.2024
  • 6.3.2024
  • 28.3.2024
  • 25.4.2024
  • 23.5.2024
  • 20.6.2024