Developing principal training in Chile

University of Turku collaborates with Plus Finland, a Chilean company working in the education sector in Latin America, to organise a training programme for developing principal training in Chile.

The training programme includes workshops which have been developed and are organised by teachers from the Teacher Training School of the University of Turku for trainers selected by Plus Finland. Once the trainers have received training in accordance with the programme, they move on to local Chilean schools to train the principals. 

The partnership agreement between Plus Finland and the University of Turku, provisionally drawn up to last until the end of 2025, includes close collaboration in developing and implementing the training programmes. Plus Finland specialises in adapting the Finnish expertise in education and schools to local contexts and needs in the areas of, for example, new pedagogical methods of teaching and learning, digitalisation, gamification, and school well-being. The company has been working together with various Finnish partners from the education sector, and it has several trademark-protected training concepts based on these collaborations.