Executive MBA: International Educational Leadership and Management

The programme educates global educational leaders with practical approaches combined with the visionary leadership and management expertise.

For whom?

The workshop is targeted to educational directors and leaders.

Learning outcomes

You will

  • become a visionary leader who is future-oriented, capable of strategic thinking and transformative leadership, and who can coach and inspire others,
  • gain thorough and up-to-date knowledge on education and obtain the ability to operationalise this knowledge in a global educational environment,
  • learn to recognise and exploit the opportunities in different educational contexts and to search for innovation, self-renewal and growth and
  • develop as a person in the areas of critical thinking communication skills and networking.
Contents of the programme

The programme combines educational excellence with visionary leadership. The topics to be covered are:

  • Educational Excellence
  • Accounting and finance
  • Brand, marketing and sales
  • Economics and society
  • Responsible education
  • Educational legislation and policy
  • Qualify management
  • Challenges in education management
  • Education in the digital era
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Strategic management and foresight
  • Personal leadership & intrapreneurship
  • Global leadership
  • Managing change
  • Pedagogical leadership and diversity management
  • Creativity and innovations in education
Duration and delivery

Total duration of full-time studies is 1,5 years.

Studies include blended learning with online courses, independent work, group work and on-site face-to-face trainings.


8 900 € per group in Finland (excluding possible VAT). Maximum group size 25 participants.

"A visionary leader is future-oriented, capable of strategic thinking and coaching and inspiring others"

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