Study visits for educational specialists

A Study Visit to the University of Turku provides you with an overview of the key-features of the awarded Finnish education system. Expert lectures, combined with a visit to a school or kindergarten (ECEC), give you a hands-on experience about the reasons behind our success. 

A Study Visit is an excellent way of learning new about our awarded education system but it can also inspire you to develop your own work within education field.

A Study Visit will be designed based on your interests and needs. Are you interested in gaining a hands-on experience of the Finnish school and education system operations at a certain level or gain a broad overview of all levels? What kind of thematic areas you would like to discuss with our experts and professionals? We are happy to design a Study Visit specifically for you.

For whom?

Study visits for Educational specialists are targeted for:

  • Basic education teachers
  • Early childhood teachers
  • Teacher educators
  • Principals
  • Teacher trainees
  • Researchers
  • Administrators
  • Educational organizations.

N.B. Currently, we are able to organize study visits only for groups, not for individual participants

Duration and delivery

Duration of the visit is commonly 1-3 days in Turku, Finland.

Contents of the programme

The study visit programme is a combination of lectures and a visit to the teacher training school or kindergarten (Early Childhood Education Centre).

In their presentations, our academic experts analyze the factors which have led to the success of the Finnish education. You will also have the opportunity to observe our pedagogic methods in practice during the visit to the Teacher training school or Kindergarten (ECEC).

In addition, the programme includes optional modules, ensuring that the study visit meets your specific needs.

Daily programme

An example programme on Finnish Basic Education

DAY 1  

  • Welcome to the University of Turku
  • Finnish education system and its Success
  • Introduction to the key elements of the Finnish education system
  • Analyzing the factors behind the success
  • Unique Finnish teacher education
  • Structure of teacher education
  • Introduction to the key elements of the teacher education
  • Competence requirements for teachers

DAY 2    

  • The Teacher Training School
  • Introduction to the Teacher Training School
  • Organization of teaching practice
  • Tour of the school and classroom observation
  • Discussion 
  • Afternoon programme to be chosen from the optional modules:
  1. Module: Pedagogigs of early childhood education
  2. Module: Evaluation and support in ECEC
  3. Module: Pedagogical leadership
  4. Module: Mathematics in education
  5. Module: ICT in education
  6. Module: Student-centered teaching
  7. Module: Evaluation in the classroom

Approx. 7,000 € / 2 days / group

Max. group size 25 persons.