Training programme: Student centered learning

This training provides you with understanding of the essential pedagogical methods that promote student engagement and motivation.

For whom?

The training programme is suitable for teachers in basic education (students aged 7-15).

However, the content can be tailored also for teacher educators and pedagogical leaders who want to support teachers in implementing student centered pedagogy.

Learning outcomes

After the training, you will be able to: 

o    engage the students in the learning process
o    support the students’ strengths in the learning process
o    use assessment as a tool for learning and self-reflection for enhancing your teaching

Duration and delivery

The duration of the training programme is 5 days. It can take place either in Finland or in customer’s location.

Our academic experts deliver the training with interactive lectures, practical demonstrations, participant hands-on work and discussion.

Contents of the programme

The training consists of the following topics:

o    student centered approach
o    teacher reflection and planning teaching
o    implementation in local context
o    formative assessment supporting learning
o    student-based evaluation system


€ 27,000 per group in Finland (excluding possible VAT). Please ask for an offer for delivery in your location.

Maximum group size 25 participants.

"Using various methods and multiple types of team work will enhance interaction in classroom"

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