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The Turku University Library offers you extensive and high-quality materials for research, teaching and study. The material can be found in the Volter database, the library guides and the BrowZine magazine database.


Resources for study and research

The Turku University Library is a scientific library open to everyone. Although the library primarily supports university research, teaching and learning, its extensive and high-quality resources are available to all customers. The material can be found in the Volter database as well as in the library guides.

The Turku University Library is one of Finland's legal depository libraries. The EU Information Center is also located in the library.

Cultural materials and legal depository

Turku University Library is one of Finnish legal depository libraries. The library has been receiving free copies since 1919, though collections include material prior to 1919, too. The legal depository material measures approximately 25 shelf kilometers. According to the 2021 statistics of the National Library, the increase of books, journals, ephemera and maps was about 300 shelf meters.

Turku University Library receives all Finnish printed products, excluding newspapers.

Cultural materials are:

The library also features old Finnish literature from the 16th to the 18th century, special collections received as donations, and rare works such as 15th century incunabulas.

Incunabulas, valuable books and special collections

Incunabula are books printed before 1501. You can learn more about Incunabulas and other valuable books and special collections in the library guide.

Incunabula and valuable books guide (in Finnish only)

Special collections -guide (in Finnish only)

Acquisition requests - new material through the library

We will be more than happy to receive suggestions and requests for new material. Please use the links above. For new databases or journals, please contact In accordance with the library's Information Resources Policy we primarily acquire electronic material.

Department / unit acquisition request

In addition, the library obtains material for the institutions upon request. You can place an order using the online form. The department may also, if it so wishes, obtain the material itself. However, all purchases must be made through competitive channels. More detailed instructions can be found on the intranet.

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