Library’s Goals and Tasks

Vision, mission, strategy, values


The library functions as part of the university community, promoting high-quality research, teaching and learning. The library is an innovative and dynamic developer of services. Internationality in services and solutions represents an intrinsic part of library operations. The cooperation engaged in with strategic internal and external partners specifically steers the library’s activities. 


The Turku University Library is an expert community that produces the information services required for research, teaching and studying at the university in a competent and effective manner whilst taking into consideration changes in the operational environment as well as anticipating them. 
The library is developing its services proactively in order to respond to the changing information requirements of its clients. It offers information resources that internationally represent top quality for the use of the university community as well as versatile premises for various learning needs. Services and facilities are being developed in interaction with clients. The library functions actively as a member of the sector’s national and international networks, and utilizes applied networks-based services in its development work and services.


Strategy and Values of the University of Turku

Values and operational principles 

The basic values of University of Turku operations include ethics, criticality, creativity, openness and community spirit.

The operations of the Turku University Library are also based on the following operational principles:

  • openness to change: we acknowledge the requirements for change and always look ahead
  • service orientation: our service provision is founded on understanding and anticipating client requirements as well as achieving and exceeding clients' expectations
  • doing things together as well as the creation of an inspiring atmosphere:
    • we give special attention to cooperation and regard teamwork as an essential operational mode
    • we do our work with a positive attitude, appreciating each member of the work community and giving recognition to our successes
    • we do our work with professional skill: we want to learn new things and develop in our work
    • we trust ourselves, our colleagues and our partners in addition to personally acting in a manner that generates trust towards us in others. 
Library’s basic tasks

An expert organization supports the activities of the scientific community

The Turku University Library is an expert organization that functions together with the scientific community. The library enables on its part the high standard of research, teaching and learning at the University of Turku by producing the information services, open science services, publication management services as well as the metrics and evaluation services required by the university – effectively and in a high-quality manner.


A scientific library open to all that offers information resources

The library meets the knowledge requirements of the surrounding community by functioning as a scientific library that is open to all.

The Turku University Library is a legal deposit library whose task has been the preservation and storage of domestic materials since 1919, as well as their provision for research use in accordance with the Act on Collecting and Preserving Cultural Material (1433/2007).

Library development

The goal of the library is networked, high-quality services that are geared to changing client requirements. The quality control system on its part looks after its realization.

The development of operational modes is a continuous process in the library. The challenges set on the operational environment and information systems bring the development requirements for new services and functions to the fore. The new type of operational environment also requires the inspection of library staff job descriptions and the continuous development of expertise.

The systematic collection of client feedback and the proposals that have come from the scientific community initiate new development projects and pilots when needed.

Organization and cooperation networks

The organization of Turku University Library 1.8.2021

Library organization. The contents of the diagram are in the text below.

  • Library customers
  • Operations
    • Evaluation, Publishing and Research Data 
    • Customer Services, Analytics, Facilities and Communication
    • Teaching, Guidance and Systems
    • Information Resources
  • Discipline Groups
    • Education and Social Sciences
    • Business and Law
    • Medicine, Science and Technology
    • Humanities
  • Library Management and Administration
  • Rector, Vice Rector, Research and the Development of Research Prerequisites 

The university library has a social mandate as a transmitter of scientific knowledge. The library is an active opinion leader and partner in various cooperative bodies. A dedicated Internet presence is maintained with respect to cooperation, interest groups and networks.

Information Resources Policy

The acquisition of information resources in the library and the development of information resource collections are regulated by its information resources policy. 

The summary of the information resources policy.

The Open Research Policy of the University of Turku
The Open Access Publication Policy of the University of Turku
The Data Policy of the University of Turku