Publishing in UTUPub and Requesting an ISBN from the Library

In addition to theses, other University publications can also be published in University of Turku publication archive UTUPub, e.g. publications related to research and teaching in the departments and faculties, conference proceedings and the University’s textbooks.

The University of Turku Library gives the ISBNs for the publications of the University of Turku.

​Other publications to be published in UTUPub

To submit a publication to UTUPub, follow these instructions:

  • Sign an agreement (pdf) at your faculty. Send a copy of the agreement and your publication to the University of Turku Library e.g. by email to The copy of the agreement can be, for example, a scanned email attachment.
  • Request the ISBN (online form) for your publication.
  • The use of Creative Commons (CC) licenses is recommended in Open Science, and you can add the licence information to your publication.
  • Email your publication as a PDF file and the copy of your publishing agreement to

Please note that parallel copies of articles are to be published on the Current Research Information System UTUCRIS (instead of UTUPub).


An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) can be given to a publication that qualifies as a book. The physical form of the work can be a printed book, audio-visual or electronic recording. If the work is published in several different formats (e.g. both printed and digital formats), a separate ISBN must be applied for every different format.

You can get an ISBN for your work via the ISBN request form.
For other publishers (e.g. author’s editions, publications published by some other body than the University of Turku or a department that belongs to it), ask for the ISBN from the Finnish ISBN Agency. Contact email: In unclear situations, please contact via email:


An ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) identifies a publication and is associated with the title of the publication. If the publication is modified significantly, a new ISSN must be assigned. In that case, you can apply a new ISSN identifier from the National Library of Finland.