Feedback Systems at the University of Turku

​​Feedback is gathered from the university students with different methods and at different points of their studies. Feedback is also gathered from the university graduates.

Course feedback

Course feedback is gathered in different ways in the departments and faculties. It can be gathered spontaneously, as a discussion between the students and the teacher during the course, with a feedback form at the end of the course or as an electronic survey by utilising electronic tools such as Moodle or Webropol. At its best, the feedback can be used immediately to improve the realisation of the course.

Survey at the beginning of the studies

Survey at the beginning of the studies is carried out in spring and it is aimed at the degree students who began their studies that academic year. The survey gathers information about the students’ experiences on student life, the studies, teaching as well as counselling, and its results are used to develop especially the counselling and other support services at the beginning of the studies.

National Student Feedback Survey

The National Student Feedback Survey is aimed at those students who have achieved their Bachelor’s degree or have studied four years in fields that do not have the Bachelor’s degree, for example medicine. The survey is carried out in all the universities and the students can access the questionnaire via an online link. The survey provides information about learning and teaching and the University can use it as a basis for developing education and other operations. The survey is also part of the universities funding model in Finland. The results can be found at the Vipunen - Education Statistic Finland portal.

Career Monitoring Surveys

The career and employment survey follows the situation of the graduates for a longer period of time. It produces information about the quality of employment, the career development and gives information about the relevance of the education in the labour market. The surveys are carried out by the Career Services as part of Aarresaari network which covers all the Academic Career Services of the Finnish universities. 

The target group of master’s degree career monitoring includes all persons who have graduated with either a second cycle university degree or a so-called concluding first cycle university degree five years earlier. The labour market integration of doctors is examined 3 years after graduation. Data is collected each autumn. The results can be found at the Vipunen - Education Statistic Finland portal. Part of the results effects on universities funding via the universities funding model in Finland.  ​

Collecting feedback from doctoral candidates

University of Turku Graduate School has their own feedback system to collet feedback on doctoral training. Feedback is collected from doctoral researchers, graduated doctors and central stakeholder groups. Feedback is taken into consideration when developing doctoral training.

Other surveys and evaluations

In addition, the University of Turku participates in different kinds of thematic surveys conducted by e.g. Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

Also different kinds of organisations, such as Finnish Student Health Service, NYYTI and trade unions, collect feedback from the students.