Records Management and Central Archives of the University of Turku

The efficient management of the University's records and information is necessary to support its core functions, to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations, and to contribute to the effective management of its activities.

Visiting address:
Hämeenkatu 2, Turku

Mailing address:
Registrary's Office, FIN-20014 University of Turku

Registrary's Office:, +358 50 359 1729

Archives:, +358 50 513 4684

The Registrary’s Office is responsible for providing guidance and advice on good records management practice within the context of existing University policies and guidelines, national legislation and sector-wide best practice standards.

The Central Archives is responsible for the selection, transfer and preservation of the internal, administrative records of the University of Turku dating from 1920 to the present, and for making them available for administrative and research purposes.

Certified copy of diploma

You can request a certified copy of your diploma from We charge €7,50 with eventual postage for each certified copy (diploma with supplements).

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The digitised photos of the Archives are available in The Mediabank of the University of Turku. You can download photos from the public mediabank for your own use by accepting the terms and conditions. A more extensive collection of archived photos can be accessed with the UTU user account. You can acquire these photos for your own use by filling in the order form. Information requests on photos: