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The University of Turku in Social Media

Science and research build a better world and it is also important to communicate this! The University of Turku shares information about our research, education, and community in social media. We also actively highlight our experts in different fields and interact with our followers and partners.

The University of Turku has channels in all of the major social media sites. By following us in social media, you can stay updated on topical issues at the University. On our social media channels, we e.g. tell about new research findings, higher education and student life as well as impactful collaboration and the everyday life of the members of the University community.

By communicating in social media, we create a sense of togetherness in our University community and bring the University closer to our interest groups and stakeholders. In social media, we act responsibly and realise the University's values: creativity, openness, ethical principles, critical thinking, and strong community.

Social Media Accounts of the University of Turku

Facebook @uniturku

By following our Facebook accounts you can keep up with e.g. the latest research, education, and events.

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Twitter @uniturku

On Twitter, we post about research and science in Finnish and English. We bring scientific information to social debate and support decision-making, and strengthen the impact of the scientific community by actively sharing the posts of our experts.

We maintain Twitter lists of our researchers, student organisations, and different units and interests groups..

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Instagram @uniturku

On Instagram, we share pictures and videos of everyday life on campus, studying, student life, and events. In addition, our student ambassadors (#utulähettiläs) produce contents from autumn to spring. The content shared by the international student ambassadors can be found with the hashtag #utuambassador.

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You can also find content made by the student ambassadors in TikTok @uniturku.

LinkedIn Turun yliopisto - University of Turku

On our LinkedIn channel, we share information about the University's services and training possibilities, open vacancies, and contents and news related to professional life. We also want to actively keep in contact with our alumni.

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Youtube Turun yliopisto

The University's videos are published in YouTube. Our channel offer both research and education-related content.

Students’ everyday life and studying tips are shared in our student ambassadors’ videos. Research is presented, for example, on the videos made by the University Communications, and science is popularised with the popular Big Science Bang (Tiedepaukku) videos. The University's presentation and marketing videos are also available on YouTube.

Videos are published in Finnish and English on the University's channel.

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Reddit u/universityofturku

On Reddit, we share posts of our English press releases on scientific publications mainly on the subreddit r/science.

Subreddit r/science has millions of subscribers who are interested in science or are researchers themselves. By sharing the University’s English press releases and links to the research articles themselves, we increase the international visibility of our research.

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TikTok @uniturku

Our studen ambassadors (#utulähettiläs) create content on TikTok.

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Members of the University Community in Social Media

The University of Turku encourages researchers, teachers, and other employees to be active in social media. Social media offers each member of the University community good channels for communicating, making an impact, participating, and networking. In social media, everything is based on interaction so be ready to listen and have conversations.

Remember that you can tag the University’s channel in the posts and use appropriate hashtags. When sharing content about the University of Turku, we use the hashtags #uniturku and #turunyliopisto.

In relation to content about science, research, and education, we use the hashtags #GetInspiredByScience and #GetInspiredByLearning

As a member of the University community, you can find more information about using social media for professional purposes on the intranet pages Using Social Media.

The University's Guidelines for Discussions on Social Media

The main social media channels of the University of Turku are maintained by University Communications. The discussion and messages are moderated on weekdays (9am–3pm). We aim to respond to appropriate questions concerning the University.

We seek to be interactive in social media. We expect amicable discussions and respecting each other’s views. The writer is always responsible for their text or other materials they upload. Your views are important, and so are everyone else’s. Please do not share your own or others’ personal information on social media.

The moderators have a right to address and delete inappropriate social media messages when needed. In addition to deleting the inappropriate message, the moderators can block messages from people who repeatedly violate the guidelines. The author will not be notified about the deleting of messages or blocking.

The University of Turku has a policy of zero tolerance towards inappropriate behaviour. The University does not tolerate defamation, threats, hate speech, or other intimidating and violent use of language. The University strongly condemns social media harassment or threats aimed at the members of our community. The University of Turku has intranet instructions on how to handle threats, hate speech, online targeting, or harassment in social media. Hate speech or harassment can be addressed, and receiving notifications about them will help us form an overall picture of the situation.

More information: viestinta@utu.fi