Recruitment Cruise for TSE Students

The recruitment cruise, targeted to our master degree students, provides an excellent possibility to companies that want to reach business students who are approaching graduation.

The yearly event saw the light of day in the sixties and the main purpose of the voyage has always been in introducing the various career opportunities that our corporate partners have to offer to our students. The cruise features a good breakfast accompanied by lectures and workshops. (content may vary based on the partners' wishes and the cruise organizers). The day ends with casual evening programme and networking. The event is organized by the Association of Economics Students in Turku.

In a nutshell:

  • What? Recruiting and career opportunities oriented cruise for students near graduation
  • Benefit? Effective way of reaching business students near graduation face-to-face
  • What is required? Staff and the possible planning of cruise contents
  • Price? 1500 €

Co-operation packages

Corporate Partner - 1500€
  • Includes tickets (23h Turku-Stockholm-Turku, morning departure) for maximum of two persons (There is a possibility to change ships in Mariehamn so that the arrival back to Turku is on the same da)
  • Possibility to address the students (contents of the cruiise will be planned with the cruise organizers)
  • Technical necessities
  • Stand for the networking session