Fican West Innovation Camp

Business Innovation Camp -concept is a facilitated innovation process designed to solve challenges set by the company partners. This time it will be applied in hospital and research environment as the Fican West Innovation Camp.

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The participants work in teams consisting of students with diverse backgrounds. The teams perform assignments comprising of task analysis, solution design, Q&A sessions, feedback collection, and presentations during the Camp. The teams are facilitated and mentored by professionals. A lot of insights in the pharma industry, cancer center and cancer-related basic and clinical research will be included. A chance to learn a lot and meet several curious minds and professionals!


Fican West Innovation Camp is organized jointly by pharmaceutical company Roche, Fican West (Western Finland Cancer Centre) and Turku University Hospital (TYKS) and University of Turku.  


The Innovation Camp will be held in Turku area in different venues, near university campus. Detailed information will be provided to the selected participants. 


The process consist of a preparatory briefing session, three actual camp sessions and of  a pitching session with presentation of results. Participants should reserve the following time slots for the innovation camp: 

  • Briefing session: 8th Oct 14-16.30
  • First camp session: 11th Oct 8.30-17
  • Second camp session: 15th Oct 8.30-13
  • Third camp session: 18th Oct 8.30-13
  • Pitching session: 4th Nov 10-12

About 10-16 students from different UTU faculties will be selected emphasizing a heterogenic overall composition of the group. The selection of participants is performed by the organizers based on the applicants’ skills, motivation, study orientation and multidisciplinary attributes. The camp is intended primarily for master level students. 

Different disciplines wanted! You are not required to have any specific detailed technical skills. Topics will relate to more general processes and management.


Concerning earlier camps’ feedback here are some things you might learn and experience during the Innovation Camp:

  • innovation skills, curiosity, determination and creativity
  • facing of the blank white paper
  • teamwork essentials: justifying your view, listening to others and taking care of the joint effort
  • managing with time pressures
  • gathering relevant information from experts
  • support of the mentors and organizers
  • presentation and pitching skills in front of both your peers and senior professionals

Overall, the camp is  a real opportunity to show what you are able to do! All participants receive an official Innovation Camp diploma upon completion of the camp. This cannot be anything but positive for your CV!

Succesful completion of the Camp is registered in Turku School of Economics for 2 ECTS credits. Students from other faculties may ask from their own study coordinators or similar about the possibility to have it registered into their degrees according their own instructions. 


Depending on the nature and applicability of the ideas and solutions generated during the Innovation Camp, the organizers might be interested to develop your ideas further. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that the organizers may consider to work with you and your concept after the Innovation Camp. This is subjected to separate mutual consent.


Apply to Fican West Innovation Camp by filling in the form at:


For the form will in your contact and study information and 2-3 paragraphs how you see you utilizing your background at the camp. Also if you wish to you can enclose your CV but that's voluntary. Update: Application period has been extended until 3rd Oct 23:59!  

Further information

If you have any questions about the concept or application form or process in general, contact any of the TSE crew organizing the event: