Digital competence in construction (DORA)

Description: “Digital competence in construction” development project focuses on developing construction industry workers’ digital competences. Digitalization is only in its initial stages in construction industry and the use of digital tools varies considerably between organizations. Digitalization has major implications on construction industry, but renewal calls for improved competencies. In addition to the contractors, also their suppliers and sub-contractors need to be involved to enable the benefits of smooth information flows in construction projects.

The project develops 1) digital competence measurement tool for evaluating the level of digital skills, but also theirattitudes towards technology as part of their work as well as the support from the employing organization. In addition, the project develops 2) training package for developing digital competences, which includes putting the benefits of thetechnology into specific terms. To achieve these goals, the project team collaborates actively with participating SMEs and builds on existing research-based knowledge.

The project strengthens digital competences in participating companies. The employees’ skills are developed and their labor force status improves. In addition, the construction industry companies that have been lagging in the digitalization development improve their possibilities to make use of and benefit from digitalization. The projectcontributes to the employees’ and companies’ digital competences and it also adds to the digitalization culture of the industry.

Schedule: May 2022 – Aug 2023

Research partners: University of Turku

Other partners: Construction SMEs operating in Southwest Finland

Funding: ESR