Interdisciplinary mentoring in developing cancer research networks

Description: Two-year project funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund examines how interdisciplinary mentoring effects expert networks in cancer research. The project aims to understand the effects and portential of interdisciplinary mentoring in developing expert-based organizations and networks. Project’s partner is the Western Finland Cancer Centre, which mission is to support and coordinate all kind of research related to cancer both in clinical and basic research. In the project a interdisciplinary mentoring programme is created and piloted and the experiences of the participating experts are studied and what changes can be identified in research groups and research collaboration.

Schedule: 10/2022-9/2024

Research partners: Turun yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu (johtaminen ja organisointi, Centre for Collaborative Research ja Pan-Eurooppa Instituutti)

Other Partners: Western Finland Cancer Centre

Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund