The development of competitive advantage in the private health care sector (KEMUT)

Description: The aim of the KEMUT-project is to produce up-to-date information about the competitive environment of the private health care sector. We use a mixed-method approach where we gather data from pre-existing registers as well as by conducting interviews. Besides improving the current understanding of the long-term changes that have happened in the industry in recent years, we also seek to understand the effects the Covid-19 pandemic and service digitalization had on competition in the field of health care. Additional point of interest is the social welfare and healthcare reform, and what the future of health care looks like.

The results are utilized in: the development of the Social Insurance Institute’s (Finn. Kela) reimbursement policies; the planning of the wellbeing services counties’ outsourcing practices and steering mechanisms; the evaluation of the industry competition’s monitoring methods.

Schedule: 3/2022-6/2025

Research partners: University of Turku (Centre for Collaborative Research & the Department of Economics) and the Social Insurance institute

Other partners: Social Insurance Institute

Funding: The Social Insurance Institute