Research at Entrepreneurship

We are Finland's leading, internationally active Entrepreneurship Research Unit. We produce new information about entrepreneurship and its significance, manifestations and promotion in society.

Research focuses on

  • entrepreneurship and new working modes
  • entrepreneurial behaviour and business growth

Research projects


SWiPE - Smart Work in Platform Economy

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ACE - Academic Entrepreneurship as a social process

University of Turku has an ongoing research project focusing on "Academic Entrepreneurship as a social process" (ACE) together with the University of Eastern Finland. The four-year project (2016-2020) is funded by the Academy of Finland and studies academic entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education and training in the transformation of universities marked by financial pressure and the growing importance of societal impact.

Using surveys, interviews, observation and documents combined with novel methods of analysis, the project sheds light on the change, diversity and durability of entrepreneurial activity in universities. The project compares the strategies, forms and experiences of academic entrepreneurship in different universities while studying the construction and evolution of academic entrepreneur identities on an individual level.

The project aims at a holistic picture of the forms, opportunities and problems in Finnish academic entrepreneurship. The research results will offer decision-makers, researchers and universities new knowledge on the goals, forms and attractiveness of academic entrepreneurship.

The multidisciplinary project combines research in entrepreneurship and innovation management with perspectives from psychology and education. The researchers aim to develop theory that will help understand the construction and change of academic entrepreneurship as a social process.

The project is tightly connected to the University of Turku’s entrepreneurship strategy and the Entrepreneurial University initiative. The project at the Turku School of Economics is led by Research Director, Adjunct Professor Ulla Hytti. The research team includes also Postdoctoral researchers Kirsi Peura and Inna Kozlinka and two PhD students Anna Elkina and Kaisu Paasio.



DISCE + H2020

DISCE - Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies

DISCE project ( is set to improve and enhance the growth, inclusivity and sustainability of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in the EU. Overall, the ambitious and wider policy goals of DISCE are:

  • to support the development patterns of CCIs within the EU through research on new business models and inclusive growth; and
  • to re-shape understanding of what ‘inclusive and sustainable growth’ consists of in this context, shifting the CCIs (and CCIs policy) towards strategic goals of ‘cultural development’ that encompass both GDP and human flourishing.

From the policy perspective DISCE aims to unlock the potential of the CCIs in Europe at regional, national and European level. DISCE is funded by the European Commission, via the Horizon 2020 programme.

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