Futures Literacy

Futures literacy and futures thinking are capabilities that can be trained. Futures literacy is an individual ability to understand how the future affects the present and, conversely, how the decisions and actions in the present affect the future. 

The goal of developing futures literacy is to learn to think more creatively, critically and broadly about the future. Through better futures literacy individuals become more conscious about the diversity of possible futures and their own capability to influence the direction of the future – on personal, local and global levels. 

Futures literacy is a substantial meta-skill in the 21st century world helping individuals not only to think critically and creatively for solutions to our existing global and local problems – but also to build up personal resilience in the rapidly changing world. 

UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education project is part of the global Futures Literacy network coordinated by UNESCO. The project develops futures education contents and methods for informal and formal education that can be utilized worldwide.

UNESCO hosted a Global Futures Literacy Forum on 16 Dec 2019