Publications at the FFRC

The personnel of the Finland Futures Research Centre actively publishes in journals and books about futures studies and in other scientific journals.

We produce our own FFRC publication series both in printed and in electronical form. In both series there are approximately 5-15 articles, reports or other scientific texts published each year.  

Electric future life as peers – new science book released in Spanish

The book “Electrification in Peer-to-Peer Society – A New Narrative for Sustainable Futures” written by Sirkka Heinonen and Joni Karjalainen is now published in Spanish. Both English and Spanish versions are free to download and also copies can be purchased via University's online shop. Read more.

cover pic for La Electrificación en la Sociedad Entre Pares – Una Nueva Narrativa para Futuros Sostenibles

Our latest articles in scientific journals:

Green Visions: Greenspace Planning and Design in Nordic Cities (2021)

Andersson Stig L., Andersson Thorbjörn, Birgisdóttir Sigrún, Bogadóttir Anna María, Clayton Jones Emma, Dagsland Håkull Kent G, Dahl Caroline, Ranja Hautamäki Ranja, Hessami Cheri, Ívarsdóttir Edda, Jaakkola Maria, Jones Ana, Jørgensen Karsten, Nilsson Kjell, Qviström Mattias , Randrup Thomas B., Reardon Mitchell, Rohrer Lisa, Saaby Tina, Weber Ryan, Åkerlund Ulrika
(A3 Book chapter)