Futures Consciousness

Futurists talk about future consciousness, but what is it, actually? How does a future conscious person or organization look like, what kinds of features or traits do they have?

Our research team has developed a sufficiently simple concept of Five Dimensions of Futures Consciousness to be used in empirical research. The concept has served as a basis for a psychometric Futures Consciousness Scale with which the prevalence of future consciousness could be measured within individuals. By studying individual profiles, we can learn more about how future consciousness can be developed and enhanced amongst individuals and societies. To endorse collaboration in between researchers interested in using the Futures Consciousness Scale in their research projects, we are in the process of setting up a database to gather and compare test results. 

The research has been funded by Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, University of Turku, University of Geneva and Kone Foundation.

> Find out more about Futures Consciousness Test Database.



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Matti, Fanny and Sanna in Turku during summer 2017.