Previous projects: Sustainability in daily lives

AMPASE Dynamics of human-wasp cohabitance

Further information: Minna Santaoja

Climate University

Climate University (or more fully, Multidisciplinary digital learning in sustainability challenges – flexible study paths to the working life) is a collaboration project bringing together eleven Finnish universities to share education and scientific expertise. It explores possibilities for digitalization and open education to address urgent Climate Change and sustainability challenges. 

This project encompasses the development of courses on important aspects of Climate Change and sustainability at various levels, workshops for university teachers, and efforts to build a network for collaboration between schools and with working professionals. Funding for the project comes from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, and the participating educational institutions. 

Finland Futures Research Centre, alongside other collaborators from University of Turku, is participating in the development of two courses that will be offered through Climate University beginning in the later part of 2020:

Further information on Climate University: Anna Kirveennummi, Morgan Shaw & Sari Puustinen, Finland Futures Research Centre

See also: Puustinen, Sari & Kirveennummi, Anna (2019) Innovations in education for sustainable future” in Turku 7.5.2019.

People-Powered Future of Food (PPFF)

The goal of the People-Powered Future of Food project is to accelerate change in the food production chain through personalisation of food, through empowerment and transparency for consumers and producers.

The project explores and develops understanding of current food personalisation solutions and market conditions, and explores consumers' future needs, aspirations, fears, and consumption patterns - outlining new personalisation concepts and business models.

The academic objective of the project is to develop research methods in futures research. In futures research, there is a need to develop consumer research alongside more traditional expert research. The project combines the perspectives of both consumer research and futures research. On the one hand, we chart trends in food consumption and changes in consumer behavior, and on the other hand, from the perspective of anticipation, we also work to develop solutions that meet the challenges of changing consumerism.

The research results will be applied in practice with the companies involved in the project: Invenire Market Intelligence Oy, Bullerobong Oy Ab, Oy Design Studio Muotohiomo Ab and Nemesys Ltd Oy Ab. Through business partnerships, we can apply forward-looking research to develop solutions and business opportunities for food personalization.

The project is funded by Tekes during 2017-2019.

Further information: Leena Jokinen and Riikka Saarimaa