Sustainable Development Studies

Sustainable development challenges companies, organizations and individuals to change their thinking and behavior. Sustainable Development studies (KEKO, 25 cr, for exchange students 12 cr) is approaching the topic from holistic and multidisciplinary perspective.

The studies consist of multidisciplinary teamwork course (10 cr) and selection of courses on sustainable development and responsible business (15 cr). In practice, the completion of a minor in Sustainability Studies requires presence from September to April, which is the span of the mandatory multidisciplinary course.

The aim is to offer students a thorough grounding in the principles of sustainable development and means to implement these principles in various contexts. The studies take into account the four dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, social, cultural and economic. The aim is also to practice team working skills and collaborative expertise in multidisciplinary case-studies.

The intake for English speaking team is 10 students for a study year.