Study at the Information Systems Science

You may study ISS in many ways:

  • As a major subject starting in a bachelor programme in TSE and continuing to one of our master programmes.
  • As a major subject in one of our master programme after making bachelor somewhere else.
  • As a minor subject, majoring some other subject in TSE.
  • As a minor subject, majoring some other subject in another faculty of UTU or some other university.


To be an IS professional?

Your profile

 We educate professionals who have knowledge both in business and in IT. Such hybrids are highly wanted by companies and public sector organizations. Employment rate of our students is extremely high and they get good positions as managers or experts, or start their own business.

IS hybrids

ISS is an exciting and safe choice for the major. Our students are excellent candidates when a company needs a person to lead IT initiatives for business process development, or create business innovations based on new technology. Hybrids may be better than “nerds” in implementing IT, and managing the organizational change that implementation usually entails. On the other hand, hybrids are IT literate enough to be able to see the business opportunities of fast developing technology. Thus, our students are performing outstandingly well as intermediary between IT and business. What a thrilling mission!

Some students have analytical skills. Some are socially skillful. Our students are both when graduating from one of our programmes.​​

Analytical and social

Career paths

Quite many find their feet in IT service companies as consultant. Many will be employed by companies utilizing IT. In practical cases, these two types of experts collaborate, in order to develop business processes. Many of our alumni have acted, during their working history, as a consultant solving client’s problems, but also as the counterpart at the client side.

In many cases, students find their first “proper job” already while studying, or right after graduation. Then, career development is up to you! Our education gives you good skills and ability to move on. Often the first job relates to project management, IS implementation and change management, business requirement definition, or analytics.​

Here you may find results from our latest alumni survey that gives more insight of career paths.​

Study paths of ISS students

Our programmes

Master program options

When you have a suitable bachelor degree, you may apply for one of our master programmes:

  • Domestic ISS master programme for those who have the bachelor of science in economics (Kauppatieteiden kandidaatti, KTK). This programme consists mainly of TSE courses, and does not have any outside partners. Graduates will be Master of Science in Economics (Kauppatieteiden maisteri, KTM).
  • Domestic ISS master programme for those who have the bachelor in science in IT, computer science, and technology. Graduates will be Master of Science (Filosofian maisteri, FM). This program consists of mainly TSE courses and does not have any outside partners involved.
  • Our international master programmes IMMIT and GITM are for anybody having a suitable bachelor degree. These programmes are organized together with our foreign partner universities. These joint programmes are highly recommended also for TSE bachelors. 

Bachelor program

After getting in to TSE for bachelor studies, you may choose ISS as the majoring subject already during your first year by selecting the “Digital business” (​Digitaalinen liiketoiminta) option inside the "Marketing and value chain management" bachelor program (Markkinoinnin ja arvoketjujen johtamisen kandidaatin tutkinto).

After bachelor studies you can continue to our domestic master programme without any specific application, or apply for our international master programmes. ​​​​



International master programmes

IMMIT (International Master in Management of Information Technology) is a triple degree joint programme, organized together with Tilburg University, The Netherlands, and Aix-Marseille University, France. It takes two academic years:

  • First semester in Aix-en-Provence, France, from September to December." "
  • Second semester in Turku, from January to May.
  • Third semester in Tilburg, from September to December.
  • Fourth semester: An internship in a company in any country, three months or longer, during which you write your master thesis until the end of May.
  • Graduation ceremony have usually been hold in August.


GITM (Global IT Management) has three options, which all are double degree programmes:

  • ITEM (IT for Enterprise Management), together with Tilburg University, The Netherlands
  • BIKMA (Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management), together with Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China
  • DEMA (Digital Enterprise Management), together with Passau University, Germany.

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For more information on our master programmes, please contact Dr.Sc. Mrs. Eija Koskivaara.

ISS as a major

Our curriculum

The core of our curriculum reflects quite well the model created by the Association of Information Systems (AIS), an international society of ISS researchers and teachers. The model gives guidelines to plan a study program. In bachelor level, adequate skills and knowledge are created to make students ready to focus on those professional areas listed in the picture. All 9 areas are then included in our master level courses to some extent, some of them already in bachelor level.

Curriculum by AIS

To be an ISS student

Studying ISS is interesting and practice oriented. We use lot of cases and exercises. Our strong alumni network is supporting our teaching, providing visiting lectures or practical case studies in their organizations.

Our student organization TuKYDATA organizes fun events and also useful excursions in Finnish companies. They also make a trip abroad once a year, e.g. Silicon Valley or China.

Through studying in our programmes, with suitable minoring subjects, you may create a very strong professional profile that gives you excellent opportunities to succeed in working life. See the results of our latest alumni survey.​​​

Master level

​​​We have several master programmes for students with varying backgrounds. This means slightly different lists of obligatory courses for different groups. However, all our master level courses are suitable for all our students. All master level courses are taught in English. Because of varying backgrounds of students the courses have an international and multicultural nature. This creates an exciting and fruitful atmosphere for discussions and group works.

Our master level courses are appointed to ISS majoring students mainly, but there are usually no restrictions for other students to participate also. In many courses there are students majoring for example in marketing, accounting or computer science.​​

Read more about applying for our master programmes here:

IMMIT application is open on Spring: Application and admission International Master in Management of IT - procedure for all applicants

GITM double degree options BIKMA, DEMA and ITEM are open for ISS master's students, therefore you first have to apply for our domestic master's programmes. There are several option: 1. You continue ISS major or you change ISS for you majors, if you are TSE student. 2. You apply for master studies in ISS either in TSE or in our partner university. Master of Science in Economics majoring in ISS is open every Spring and Master of Science majoring in ISS every Spring and Autumn via "opintopolku" service. And then you apply to BIKMA, DEMA, ITEM

For more information on master programmes and application procedure, please contact Dr.Sc. Mrs. Eija Koskivaara, or professors and lectures of ISS.

Bachelor level

In bachelor level ISS is one of the majors in the program of "Marketing and value chain management" bachelor program (Markkinoinnin ja arvoketjujen johtamisen kandidaatin tutkinto). You will do a few courses mandatory for this program, some courses mandatory for ISS majors, and some selective courses to fulfill the study point requirements. Please contact Jonna Järveläinen for more details.

In bachelor level we educate students to understand the possibilities and various ways to deploy IT in business. We also take care they’ll have adequate IT skills. We do not make them technical experts but they need to have knowledge on IT principles, e.g. modeling and design of information systems, using IT in digital business, refining data for business purposes, and use of IT for decision support and business intelligence.

In bachelor level, we offer same courses both to ISS majoring students and other students. In master level we specialize more deeply to professional IT management topics.​​​

Doctoral studies

ISS has been a very popular subject for doctoral studies since the 1990's. There has been more than 30 dissertations. Please contact professor Hannu Salmela for more information.

ISS as a minor and mandatory courses

ISS as a minor

Information systems science is a very popular minoring subject among TSE students. Those students may select our bachelor level courses freely from our course list. ISS is a very good minor for any majoring subject in TSE, but especially for accounting and finance, supply chain management, and marketing.

For students coming from other faculties of UTU we offer enough courses to make ISS a minor. You should ask your majoring subject's responsible teacher whether ISS is accepted as a minor for you. Some of our bachelor level courses are offered to TSE students only, for practical resource reasons. Please contact Timo Leino for more details.​

If you have ISS as a minor and are interested in international studies or career, please think about our international joint master's programmes. 

Mandatory courses

For all first year TSE students we offer a mandatory course TJY, Tietotekniikan hyödyntäminen (Deployment of IT), which is taught in finnish only. This course is available for TSE students only.

The course has two parts:

  • Lectures and reading: "A company in information society". This course provides students with the basic  knowledge and principles for deploying information systems in business, and the societal aspects of IT.
  • Practical hands-on exercises, in order to make sure that every student has adequate IT skills required both during studies in TSE and in working life. Students are trained to manipulate data using typical software for word processing, presentation graphics and spreadsheeting.

ISS society


TuKYData is the Student Assocation for Information Systems Science (Digital Business) in Turku School of Economics. We act as a link between students and the Department of ISS. We have regular meetings with the Department personnel and the communication between students and the Department is truly two-way.

TuKYData is well-known for its excursions – both in Finland and abroad. In Finland we have visited various high-level IT-companies including Reaktor, BearingPoint, and Accenture. Our famous abroad-excursions have previously taken us to Shanghai, Ghana, Boston, New York, and Silicon Valley. There we have visited companies like Facebook,, Nokia, and F-Secure. In Autumn 2018 we had a trip to Los Angeles, California!

Among the co-operation and excursions, we organize many types of events during a year, including training sessions of ISS courses, cottage trips and of course feedback sessions.

ISS Alumni network

Since 1979, information systems science has been one of the majoring subjects in TSE. The amount of students choosing ISS as a major has varied, the highest amount being 29, in 2016. In addition to that come the master program students having done their bachelor degree outside TSE. Altogether the yearly number of master level students is nowadays close to 50.

This history has created an extensive alumni network. The role of alumni is remarkable. They give visiting lectures in our courses and we write cases for teaching together with them. They offer master thesis projects and excursion opportunities. We try to keep close contacts with our alumni. Besides their supporting role in teaching we carry out surveys to find out current trends for IT professionals. You can find summary of the last survey from 2017 here. According to this survey, covering Finnish alumni only, roughly one third is working in Turku area, half of them in Helsinki area, and the rest elsewhere in Finland or abroad. There are many titles and job contents: they are IT professionals or managers, experts or managers in other business functions, or entrepreneurs. Career prospects for new ISS masters seems to be bright.

Updating the list of alumni email addresses is challenging, because of constant career progress. As an alumna or alumnus, you are always welcome to send us your new contact data to Timo Leino. You are also, of course, welcome to join in our alumni groups in Facebook and LinkedIn.​​

Privacy notice for our alumni database (in Finnish).

Latest alumni survey

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