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International Joint Degree ISS Programmes at TSE

Information Systems Science at Turku School of Economics offers four international master's degree programmes which are carried out with our renowned partner universities.

Students of these programmes study at each partner university, after which they will complete an internship and write their master's thesis. Students complete the programmes in two years.

Why should I choose a joint master's degree?

Renowned partner universities

The University of Turku's partner universities for IMMIT and GITM are

Each partner university provides students with the knowledge and skillsets they are specialized in. This makes the graduates of these programmes uniquely equipped to excel in the international and multidisciplinary contexts that are common in today's working life.

Turku School of Economics (TSE) at the University of Turku is a leading educator in IT management in Finland, and the courses offered here to students of the international joint degree programmes centre around IT management. TSE has received the International AACSB accreditation, which demonstrates our commitment to high-quality education and continual improvement.

Outstanding career prospects

The combination of IT and business knowledge the graduates of these international joint degree programmes acquire is an invaluable asset in the job market and makes for outstanding academic profiles. As the students of these programmes often complete their internship in combination with their thesis, they have an exceptional opportunity for fast-track career prospects. Some graduates of these programmes continue to complete a doctorate.


These programmes offer an active, dynamic, and inspiring studying environment and important networking possibilities. The connections made with peers with varying previous degrees and cultural backgrounds are a major part of what makes these programmes special. We also have an active alumi network.

Multiple degrees

The students graduating from the international joint degree programmes are awarded with triple (IMMIT) or double (GITM) degrees — one from each university they attend. The entire master's  programme is 120 ECTS. Additionally, the students in these four programmes graduate efficiently in two years.

Below you can find a list of the four programme options: IMMIT, ITEM, DEMA, and BIKMA. The last three are separate programmes, but have at TSE been collected under the umbrella term Global IT Management (GITM). 15 to 20 people are admitted yearly to the IMMIT programme, and the same amount is admitted to the GITM programmes combined.


International Master in Management of Information Technology

The triple degree programme in International Master in Management (IMMIT) provides you with a unique perspective on the interconnections between information systems and international business functions. You will study in three universities in three countries and complete an internship and a master's thesis.

The programme starts at the end of August. Your first semester will be at Aix-Marseille University, Graduate School of Management (IAE) in Aix-en-Provence, France, where you will complete business and communication studies. After this, you will study at Turku School of Economics (TSE) at the University of Turku in Finland for the second semester, where you will carry out IT management and research skills studies. For the first semester of your second year, you will go to Tilburg University in the Netherlands, where you will learn to integrate your acquired knowledge of business and IT. For the second semester of your second and last year of studies in this programme, you will complete an internship in an internationally operating company and write your thesis.

The degrees awarded to IMMIT graduates are Master of Sciences in Management and Information Technology (Aix-Marseille University), Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (University of Turku), Master of Science in Information Management (The Netherlands)

For information about admission criteria, application, and courses, as well as tuition fees and scholarships, please visit global IMMIT website

From the  University of Turku Study Guide you can find how the IMMIT study structure looks from the UTU point of view.



The double master’s degree programme Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (BIKMA) concentrates on the application of data and information in decision-making at individual, organisational, industry, and society levels.

At the University of Turku, Finland, students will study IT management and research skills. At the Central China Normal University (CCNU) in Wuhan they will learn business intelligence and knowledge management and study the Chinese language.

The CCNU is well known for its high-level education. This, as well as the fact that Wuhan is fast-growing and one of the most student-intensive cities in the world, makes BIKMA an appealing choice for those wishing to study global IT management.

BIKMA graduates' degrees are Master of Science in Management (CCNU, China) and Master of Science (UTU, Finland).

You can read more about the benefits of intelligence management in an article by Stan Garfield. You can find the courses available for BIKMA students in the Study Guide.


The DEMA programme is designed for students who wish to pursue an international career in which they can combine knowledge on IT, business, and management. At the University of Passau, Germany, students learn how to improve the performance of networked business ecosystems by utilizing advanced data and digitalized business platforms. In Finland at the University of Turku, Turku School of Economics, students deepen their understanding of IT management and research skills. 

The double master’s degree programme in Digital Enterprise Management (DEMA) provides its graduates with the degrees of Master of Science in Information Systems (University of Passau) and Master of Science (University of Turku).

For more information on the programme, admission criteria, application, and tuition fees, please visit the University of Passau website. You can find the courses available at TSE for DEMA students in the Study Guide.


The double master’s degree in Information Technology for Enterprise Management (ITEM) is a joint programme offered by Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and the University of Turku (Finland).

The programme gives students tools for operating at the intersection of IT, business, and management. Graduates of the programme will have invaluable insights on how to apply business knowledge to IT solutions as well as what added value IT brings to companies — skills that are in high demand in international companies.

At the University of Turku students will study IT management and research skills, and at Tilburg university they will learn how to improve enterprise performance with IT.

The graduates of this programme are awarded with the degrees of Master of Science in Information Management (Tilburg University) and Master of Science (University of Turku).

For more information on the programme, application, admission, and tuition fees, please visit the Tilburg university website. You can find the courses available at TSE for ITEM students in the Study Guide.


Who can apply to the joint programmes?

Applicants must have completed a suitable degree before starting in a programme. IMMIT students apply straight to the programme. Those looking to apply to any of the GITM programmes must first apply to one of the partner universities to be eligible. Specific admission criteria are available on the partner universities' websites.

When is the application period?

You can see information concerning application periods here. Please note, that they are subject to change, so always check the partner university's website if you wish to apply.

Can I get a scholarship?

There are several scholarship options you can apply for. Here are some of them, but please note, that the list is not exhaustive. You can check the partner universities' websites for more.

Can I get student housing in Finland?

Yes you can. Degree students at University of Turku can apply for housing from Turku Student Village Foundation, who offer affordable housing near the campus. The apartments are neat, and the system is well organised.

What about healthcare?

Degree students at the University of Turku can use the services of Finnish Student Health Service for an affrodable price once they have paid the student union membership fee.

What is Turku like for students?

Turku is an old student city with an active student community. You can find more information on the University of Turku website.