Studying International Business

Nothing is as constant as change. Our environment has become global and international business is everyday practice for an increasing number of organizations. Reading the environment, understanding its business practices and solving its problems are necessary skills for future practitioners.


The world changes - we too
Studying international business equipts you with tools for many kinds of careers
Problem solving at the core

Studying international business suits you, if you are interested in internationality, different cultures and the wide world. You want to solve 'wicked problems' related to international business and globalization by connecting information and different points of view together with others. In international business studies theory and practice go hand in hand.

Graduate as a world citizen

After graduation a student in international business is able to reflect on international business as a whole. S/He understands the challenges of a multicultural world, but also sees its opportunities. S/He is familiar with international business practices and able to apply them to solve real problems.

One degree for many careers

International business alumni from Turku School of Economics are hundreds, employed in Finland and abroad. They work in large and small companies as well as in civic organizations or ministries, as diplomats, or in international organizations such as the EU and the UN.