Research in Turku Centre for Labour Studies TCLS

Multidisciplinary collaborative research 

Research on working life is a multidisciplinary and applied research. We promote, design and coordinate research and development projects in the fields of work and working life in different disciplines. We offer national and international cooperation networks and support the launch of research projects. We cooperate with key national and international partners, such as the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA and in addition a number of international research networks and institutes that promote working life research, such as LERA, ILERA, ESA, EGOS, ASA, EARLI and Eurofound. We also organise master's thesis seminars and support conducting doctoral thesis. 

Research findings can be applied to develop and promote work communities, organisations and working life. We also announce the results to the general public in our working life seminars. 

Scientific working life research is carried out in the faculties, mainly with complementary funding. The scientific disciplines represented by researchers include management, entrepreneurship, sociology, social policy, future research, psychology, educational sciences, law and information sciences.

Every two years, we organise international, interdisciplinary WORK conference on working life research. The conference is established by professor Anne Kovalainen. WORK conferences have been organised since 2013. WORK conferences provide an excellent platform for the presentation of new research findings and networking. Next conference will be organised in 2025.