Working Life and Personnel Issues programme TYHE

Multidisciplinary Working Life and Personnel Issues programme offers practical working life skills and complements any basic degree.

In the changing working life, the planning and development of own educational path and the more general skills of the working life and personnel issues are even more important tools for managing change than before. Academic graduates often rank for managerial and professional jobs that require a wide-ranging understanding of working life, versatile skills and comprehension of practices.

The Working Life and Personnel Issues programme includes 25 – 40 credits and consists of courses offered by the various faculties of the University of Turku, Turku School of Economics and Åbo Akademi. Professional skills on working life are also presented by visiting specialists. TYHE programme is well suited for any basic degree at the university. 

After completing the programme, the students will possess the theoretical, conceptual and practical competence to tackle the following themes and issues:

• working life and wellbeing at work
• labour law
• labour market and policy
• human resources management
• current labour market issues.

The TYHE programme has been organised at the University of Turku since 2009, and the studies are coordinated by the Turku Centre for Labour Studies.

The Centre organises also professional study sessions for postgraduates.