Working in Finland


10.10.2024 at 14.00 - 15.00
What should you be aware of when working in Finland? What kind of regulations and customs are present in the Finnish working life? What do local employers value in employees? In this info session, we go over key information about the Finnish job market and what one should keep when entering the Finnish job market.

The UTU Career Services info sessions (5 x 1h) are part of the Job seeking in Finland -course (1 ECTS). The info sessions are held a few times a year, and in order to complete the course you need to:
a) participate in all five (online) info sessions, b) prepare your Job search plan and job search documents (materials on Moodle), and c) have a feedback discussion with a career counsellor at the Career Services.
The aim of the course is to:
- identify career possibilities, interests and skills
- enhance job search strategies and methods
- understand what employers value and need
- understand how the local labour market works

Register for the course in Peppi (Job seeking in Finland -course) and join the info session in order to get access to the Moodle platform.

You can also participate in the info sessions without completing the course.

All info sessions are held remotely and have a same Zoom-link:

Rekry – UTU Career Services
UTU Career Services